Relaxing Area

Welcoming guests with elegance waiting for the newlyweds.

Our Relaxing Area is a delight of colors and elegance, thanks to comfortable gazebos and sofas, able to pamper your guests in their every request.

A rich and fresh aperitif will be served to dampen the wait, thus giving a foretaste of the wait for the wedding dinner.

The area is carefully taken care of in the smallest details: from the decoration, to the furnishings and

to the staff who will always be available to guests.

Area Splendida

Enchanted atmosphere. Veils and suspended drapes. Palm trees playing with rivulets of water, ponds and soft waterfalls lit up in the night.

Area Splendida is the latest architectural masterpiece that makes Beauty Garden – Banqueting & Catering – an evocative and unforgettable stage for important events that must be remembered forever. The vegetation, present in every single ravine of the area, is particularly attentive and treated in detail. It is enchanting to admire the one immersed in the water, colored by changing underwater lights and which becomes the natural frame of this area intended for the indoor reception of guests. It combines food and wine tours and show cooking prepared by the award-winning cuisine of the Beauty Garden. The avenue is  full of exotic vegetation culminates with an area entirely dedicated to the photo wedding, where the monumental “LOVE” becomes a favorite destination for a shot made of moments of eternity.

Area Bordo Piscina

A look on the horizon. A breathtaking sunset. An elegance without borders.

Poolside Area is the perfect solution to propose elegant dinners, with seat or buffet, made through a food and wine journey of quality and abundance. The three modern swimming pools, enhanced by a unique setting like the landscape in which Etna predominates, give life to two grandiose waterfalls where the alternation of colors, the water games and the delicate light of the lanterns contribute to the creation of a suggestive and romantic atmosphere. 


Area Cascate

Surrounded by Nature with perfect scenographies.

Our Waterfalls Area is a triumph of streams of water, fed by the pools above, and unique vegetation. Through a play of colors, the waterfalls change and change their light, giving the environment the ability to triumphantly welcome the bride and groom and whichever one is celebrated, through the imperial staircase that leads to the swimming pool area. This outdoor area, like the others, is equipped with a piped music system, which brings music to every corner, thus recreating a pleasant and festive atmosphere.

Sala Romantica

A fairytale, exotic kingdom like Thousand and One Nights.

Sala Romantica – totally outdoors – is a riot of curtains and chiffon, raised above a flower-shaped body of water and surrounded by splashing fountains. A romantic harem ready to welcome the bride and groom to their table of honor. Its soft grassy expanse, purely in English style, is enriched by exotic palm trees and flowers with an intoxicating scent and unique colors. The room is also embellished with copper and bronze columns, reworked according to the Beauty Garden’s unique style and guarantee. It is the perfect location to brighten up receptions designed for hot summer days, where light penetrates from the curtains and caresses the waterfalls, making the environment magical and precious, ideal for celebrating your wedding with a civil ceremony and, why not , also religious – excluding the Catholic Christian celebration -. 


Sala Ducale

A modern fairy tale to live. A refined architecture. Cutting-edge technology.

Sala Ducale presents itself with highly articulated finishes and refined luxury fittings. Diversified and numerous are the interpretations that it can provide to those who choose it, being entirely customizable in furnishings and colors. An example of luxury and perfection, the room is surrounded by walls entirely in glass that project the view onto the outdoor green area, expanding the perception of space itself. It is also equipped with the latest model of video projector and a retractable tarpaulin, perfect for projection – during your reception – of videos, photos and music, proposed by BOSE piped music.


Sala Regina

Immersed in a fairy tale.
In the intimacy of a classic setting.

Sala Regina is a riot of classical harmonies, capable of recreating the unique and perfect atmospheres of fairy tales.

The precious and characteristic element of the room is the thoughtful and targeted use of Swarovski crystals, left to cascade down the columns and into the highlight of the room itself: the wedding table, set in a crystal curtain, recreates a play of lights and unique and special colors.

The intimate and refined atmosphere is the ideal solution for elegant receptions aimed at the essentiality of the moment.

Also in Sala Regina it is possible to find the latest model of video projector and a retractable tarpaulin, perfect for projection
– during your reception – of videos, photos and music, proposed by BOSE piped music.


Sala Luxury

A jewel with a contemporary design.
The flagship hall par excellence, full of innovative architectural and technological solutions.

Sala Luxury excels in terms of design and elegance, thanks to the presence of precious crystal chandeliers, luminescent lanterns,
that project high-tech domotic light effects.

It is, in particular, the very precious finishes that give luxury and uniqueness to the environment,
becoming the ideal location for sumptuous banquets and receptions capable of deeply enchanting its guests.


San Valentino insieme a Noi

Buon cibo, musica, atmosfera suggestiva e tanto divertimento!

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Fabio Leocata


Apprezzato e rinomato Chef di Cucina con una esperienza ultradecennale alle spalle, cura in maniera particolare la buffettistica e realizza in prima persona i piatti dedicati alle intolleranze e diversificate esigenze alimentari. Esperto in cucina tradizionale e mediterranea realizza costantemente, fra innovazione e creatività, piatti che toccano il cuore e il palato.

beauty garden banqueting catering biancavilla location

Claudio Leocata

Responsabile commerciale e marketing

Responsabile di una prestigiosa Accademia Professionale, è esperto in farine e Scienze dell’Alimentazione. Sovrintende il reparto dedicato alle intolleranze alimentari, cura il marketing esterno e si occupa quotidianamente del commerciale con cura e professionalità, rappresentando il punto di riferimento per le coppie di Sposi che si avvicinano al Beauty Garden Banqueting.

beauty garden banqueting catering biancavilla location

Alessandro Leocata

Event & Wedding Planner

Perfetto “padrone di Casa”, è un Event & Wedding Planner al quale affidare senza timori tutto il ricevimento per organizzare al meglio ogni singolo dettaglio. Esperto in cibo e vino, è un Maître direttore di sala con servizio certificato ed esperto in decorazioni floreali e wedding management. Proprio per queste caratteristiche è stato insignito del Premio Internazionale Ofelia Ristoworld Italy.

beauty garden banqueting catering biancavilla location

Dino Leocata

Responsabile manutenzioni e tecnologia

Impeccabile e attentissimo Responsabile del settore manutenzioni e tecnologia, rappresenta la punta di diamante del settore informatico e scientifico, senza ovviamente tralasciare tutte le attività materiali ed immateriali volte al funzionamento perfetto della “macchina” Beauty Garden . Audio, video, luci e manutenzione sono il suo pane quotidiano!

beauty garden banqueting catering biancavilla location

Alfredo Leocata

Maître e Direttore di Sala

Maître e Direttore di Sala, supervisiona costantemente il servizio e il collegamento fra il reparto cucina e sala rendendo la cerimonia al Beauty Garden davvero una esperienza indimenticabile.
Solare, allegro, sorridente e professionalmente impeccabile dà un tocco di allegria e spensieratezza al banqueting. Sotto la sua direzione ogni evento rappresenta un successo!

beauty garden banqueting catering biancavilla location



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